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Yvan Paquet

Manufacturing Production Consultant

Manufacturing Production Consultant

Present in the industry since 1970 – Quite an advanture –
Experience can not be learned, it can only be acquired.
I make a living by putting this experience to work for you.

Experience cannot be learned, it can only be acquired. Regardless of what I will do for you, be it advance something already in operation or implement an innovative solution, it is this experience that will be applied methodicaly with an ever present concern for global efficiency.

Here are the areas where I can help you…

  • Planning for Innovation
  • Develop concepts and prototypes
  • Implement systems and programs
  • Build prototypes, tools and machines
  • Fine machining on conventional equipment and CNC

And my industry expertise

Automation, servo control and mechanization

  • Equipment design (3D CAD)
  • Optimization of existing equipment

Tools and productivity

  • Organization, installation, optimization of workshops
  • Advanced expertise in fine steels and aluminum
  • Complex Progressive Matrices
  • Templates and fixtures
  • Production systems

Conventional and CNC machining

  • Mastercam programming and manual
  • Optimization of tools
  • Fine machining master level toolmaker

Innovation should not be advocated at all costs, optimization is often sufficient and more easily justifiable financially.


Regardless of whether the task to be carried out is one of design, construction or optimization, an overall view of efficiency translates into the ability to choose from a variety of approaches the one that will optimize the cost-benefit ratio, Time of achievement, useful life of the results and their acceptable level of maintenance.

No tools = no factory

For a good job, you need the right tools at the right place and at the right time.

This simple formula has no substitute, shortcuts and miracle solutions only announce problems, delays, hidden costs and sloppy work.

It is clear that the quality of the tools will have a direct qualitative and quantitative influence on the result. Generally, a short-sighted reduction of the resource allocated to the tools rapidly has an effect in the rest of the organization which is quite contrary to the aim: Quality falls and the overall cost increases.

I do not believe in “buzz words” and “attitudes” and it is with rigor and concern for efficiency that I aim to make my clients benefit from the maximum of my experiences and capacities then in all logic I pose gestures The scope of which is both immediate and lasting.

Securing the predictability of machines and sustainable work processes brings several important advantages, including, at the top of the list, compliance with production and delivery scales. And this, most of the time, for a much lower cost than other options.


For any question or request for information

Yvan Paquet, Manufacturing Consultant

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